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Sample Images

I have assembled several pictures on this page showing images captured from our World Political, World Landcover, World Elevation, and World Outline Political Maps. 

These are intended to demonstrate just how effective a large and detailed map can be used
and viewed in the classroom.  If our interactive maps could be hung in the classroom, they would be over 100 feet wide.   In addtion, because these are interactive maps, they go far beyond what a simple pdf map can achieve.  They offer detailed and layered content. 
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Examples  from World Political Map

World Political Full View

This is a full view of the World Political Map.  This represents a close proximity of what your students would see with the standard pull-down map.

World Political Middle East

A closer view of the middle east with our interactive maps.

World Political Iraq Close

A close-up view showing Iraq

Example of World Political Close-up View

Another example of a close-up view from our World Political Map

Examples from World Elevation Map

World Elevation Full View

Full view - World Elevation

World Elevation South America

South America - closer view

World Elevation Andes Mountains Close-Up

South America - Andes Mountains

World Elevation Plateau of Tibet

Plateau of Tibet - Close-up

Examples of World Landcover Map

World Landcover Full View of Map

Full View World Landcover Map

World Landcover Mid-African View

World Landcover Map - Mid Africa view

World Elevation Close-Up View

World Landcover Map - Mid Africa view closeup

World Landcover - Amazon Basin Close-Up

World Landcover Map - Amazon

Amazon Basin with landcover picture

A unique feature of the landcover map, shows a representative picture of the landcover.
Simply right click - and a picture of the landcover appears.

World Landcover - Afganistan

World Landcover Map - Afghanistan and surrounding areas

Examples of World Physical Outline Map
The following examples show how you can start off with a map showing only
country outlines, add cities and capitals, then add country names. 

Western Europe with only country borders

Western Europe with only country borders

Western Europe with Cities and Capitals

Western Europe with only city and capital names

Western Europe with Country Names

Western Europe with Country names added

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